A womenswear brand founded on bold graphics infused with simple modernity. Launch in 2014, the duo Chinese Fashion Designer Cynthia Mak & Xiao Xiao work together to bring out a collection where the aesthetics takes the root of Cynthia’s background of Graphic Design and Fashion design. As well as Injecting Xiao specialists in Fashion Knitwear design, the garments combine a striking bold character yet minimalistic and easy shapes.
As a socially responsible Hong Kong brand, Cynthia & Xiao will collaborate with Lei Cheng Uk Sheltered Workshop to create sustainable bags using recycled fabric for Luxarity 2017 Pop-up.
The handles for these bags will be made with one of Cynthia & Xiao’s signature designs, the paracord. These paracords will be braided by the trainees from Lei Cheng Uk Sheltered Workshop, which is part of the Hong Kong Mental Health Association and aim to promote mental health education as well as provide rehabilitation services for those with mental disabilities. The trainees at the workshop are highly skilled and are more than able to create high quality handmade goods. Though this project, Cynthia & Xiao aim to support, train, and provide them with an opportunity to make something creative that can be used every day.
As for the body of the bag, Cynthia & Xiao will work with Sustain Inc, a Hong Kong innovation lab who takes in waste materials and recycled them to create faux leather – a meaningful and a beautiful way to create a sustainable bag.