C⋅air Collective is an aspiring design firm that looks to put humans at the core of their design process. “Christina” is a wardrobe geared towards independent dressing for Christina Mallon. Christina experiences paralysis in her arms and was diagnosed with ALS 7 years ago. Consider the experience where your garment dresses you. How can we make a garment go against gravity and onto the body? Putting aside our assumptions of our current system of dress, C⋅air Collective considers a paradigm where independent dressing works hand in hand with the inflation of soft frameworks built into garments as a means of getting dressed. In fashion this might be bizarre, but in other fields we are looking at self driving cars, AI, Amazon Alexa. C⋅air Collective is our first step towards new possibilities. What if our clothes can do more for us and for our bodies?
Using different fabrics such as organic twill and solid wool blend, Claudia & Amy design a capsule shirt for the LUXARITY 2018 pop-up to ignite customer to invite body diversity and inclusivity.
CAIR debuts a universal fit t-shirt that invites the possibility of body diversity and inclusivity. 2PC  is designed to adapt to the user’s shoulder width, expanding up to 53 centimetres. The two overlapping pieces are reversible front and back, introducing multiple styling options. CAIR’s processes consider sustainability from its earliest stages, where fabric waste is significantly reduced through the tessellation of patterns as fabrics are being cut. With universal sizing as a focus, 2PC  eliminates the need for graded sizes. Age with your garment today.